Welcome to Mirc uers use port 6667 and for ssl use 6698 is located in Sunny Florida. If your looking for a nice peaceful place to chat you've come to the right place. We offer Free chat servers or chat rooms. Hurry we only have limited amount we can offer for free. Each server comes with its very own IP and web space. For user's who want more than just a channel to manage our free ircd's are perfect for you.

We are not taking janus links at this time

System Tech/Manager

We currently have a position for a system's wide manager/tech. This person will work on the system/servers and make sure everything is running smooth. Also this person will be responsible for Staff if needed. You will need to be knowledgeable in irc servers and their internal maintenance. This job is to help the systems owner when they are unable to.

Janus Managers

We are seeking a Janus manager. This person will be responsible for keeping the internal Janus links up to date and help people when needed. Each server comes with its own IP and Janus bot & web-space. Also this Janus manager will be responsible in adding new Janus links.

Free Irc Servers

Irchost does not sell anything they offer free chat servers to those who can show promise of making the the chat servers grow. We currently have 6 available that are already setup and 4 open IP's to be used with your own domain names.