Welcome to Mirc uers use port 6667 and for ssl use 6696 is located in Sunny Florida. If your looking for a nice peaceful place to chat you've come to the right place. We offer Free chat servers or chat rooms. Hurry we only have limited amount we can offer for free. Each server comes with its very own IP and web space.

Janus links are accepted

Irc Servers Availiable

We have some open Irc Servers that need Netadmins - Managers. IF you would like to be part of the network and run a sever Talk to Sailie #ircHost

Manage Your Own Server

(Get Yours) available servers are --- --- ---. Or you can point your own domain to your own ip.

Free Irc Servers

Irchost does not sell anything they offer free servers to those who can show promise of making the IRc's grow.